Here are some of the things our clients have to say:
"Put a rock solid foundation under your horse that will last a lifetime."
We get letters from people who have attended our clinics. You might be interested in some of the comments we've received, as they can give you an idea of what people who have attended a clinic think. Here are a few:
"After attending one of Leland's clinics it was apparent to me that the first step in training a horse is to educate the owner."

Laura R., Twin Falls, Idaho

"When people ask Leland if he trains horses for people, his answer is 'I train owners. I can help more horses that way.' I found this to be true."

Joe R., Twin Falls, Idaho

"I have ridden for many years and never realized the importance of positive reinforcement until attending Leland's clinic. It has improved both my riding and ground skills. There has been a visible change in my horse."

Sophie W., Filer, Idaho

"Leland's techniques and philosophy of 'making the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard' works every time. I need to constantly remind myself to have patience and be quick with my reward when the horse gives it to me. It has made it much more fun to work with my horses when I see progress."

Chris V., Filer, Idaho

An article on Leland from the Argus Observer, July 29, 1996, Ontario, Oregon. (Reprinted with permission.)

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