Leland's Background
Leland grew up on a ranch outside of Ola, Idaho where horseback riding was a way of life. However, his parents had more kids than saddles, and, as one of the youngest, Leland could see it was going to be a long time before he got a saddle. He decided he needed to understand horses, or he was going to spend a lot of time face down in the corral.

The Ola Post Office on 11/1/97
He's devoted his life to studying horses, training horses, and finally to studying the horse/rider relationship. Leland started giving clinics about 5 years ago, first mostly dealing with "problem" horses. After several well trained horses were brought back by their owners, he changed tactics.
Since then, he's worked on his methods, developing and stressing communication of the rider's desired actions. Over the years Leland has attended clinics and seminars given by such famous trainers as Pat Parelli, Ray Hunt, Dr. Robert Miller, and John Lyons. He has taken his ideas, compared them to others and developed his own special techniques to teach riders how to "make the wrong thing hard and the right thing easy."