About Leland's Clinics
If you attend either the Colt Starting Clinic or the Horsemanship Clinic, Leland will start the first day with an overview of what he will teach at the clinic. He will also share his thoughts on the training process and things he has learned over the years. Then grab your horse it's time to get to work.
You will spend time doing ground work with your horse to get your horses mind.
Within a couple of hours, you will see a big change in your horse.
Once you have mastered the ground work, it will be time to saddle up. Leland will make sure all horses are ready to be mounted to ensure no one gets hurt. Then he will have everyone use the tools that they learned on the ground, to do the same thing in the saddle.
After the clinics over, if you fell up to it, Leland will take you for a ride into the hills behind his home (if clinic is at his home in Cambridge).